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Janet Moore was born April 7, 1955, the youngest of four daughters in a small suburb of Chicago. She was born with a special gift, the gift of "in-sight". She believes that she inherited this gift from her grandmother Elizabeth. Elizabeth was a gifted psychic in Scotland at the turn of the century.

Janet never thought to question her ability to see make-believe friends or her innate ability to sense other people's true character. She was wise long before her years. She became acutely aware of her gift on a warm summer morning in 1959 at the age of four. While riding her tricycle outside her best friend's home she narrowly escaped a child abduction. When a stranger approached and attempted the abduction, her Master Guide Thomas appeared for the first time and transferred a sense of terror to her, he said run and run she did. The memory etched forever in her mind. Thomas seemed to fade into the background through most of Janet's adolescence. At the age of sixteen Janet picked up the cards and found she had a gift for reading them for family and friends. She enjoyed this experience but took it very lightly. And then college and boys became her passion. After college she entered into a long and rewarding career in the medical field, although she never seemed able to satisfy her hunger for all things spiritual. She would then attend every lecture and seminar on the subject and became an avid reader of all metaphysical subject matter.

As only a real life story reads, Janet experienced a personal tragedy in 1988 that sent her on a personal quest for the meaning of her life and her soul path. As she had done many times before, she turned to the Tarot for help. This time things were different. As she gently laid the cards on the table, the pictures on the tarot began to speak to her. She saw short films of people's lives in the background, and all of her senses became on full alert. She could hear spirits clearly guiding her through the session. She could see and hear Thomas again. Her soul was fully awake. Soon after, she embarked on her new career as a professional psychic tarot reader.

Janet relocated to Ft. Myers, Florida in the mid-90's and opened a metaphysical bookstore with a close friend and colleague. In addition to her readings, she began teaching classes emphasizing self-awareness through the tarot. Janet has also studied hypnotherapy, and is a certified hypnotherapist, specializing in past life regressions.

Janet has often been sought out by local television and radio stations for guest appearances but likes to stay out of the spotlight and any media attention. She prefers to keep her personal life quiet and in the pursuit of knowledge through meditation and study. Janet has an unparalleled passion for Spirit and the guidance they offer. Master Guide Thomas never fails to assist Janet in all of her readings. Yes, Janet has found her way, her life path. She always makes her readings a priority, as they are filled with love and compassion as her clients from around the world will attest to.

My Heart - My Soul
"In Loving Memory"
1994 - 2008

Let me introduce you to my dog, Tasha. She too has a message to share. According to Tasha, animals are trying very hard to communicate with us every single day. We are not listening. They can feel our pain...they can feel our fear...they can feel our love. They want to help. They want to teach us about love, unconditional love. Allow them to help us. Try to slow down a little and hear what they are saying. They can offer valuable insight. For all of you who understand.... I thank you.



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